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tonight’s attempts at caricature featuring tumblr users queenlisette, slumberingdenizen, halflock, sleuthier, and joolabee! I’ll try to do some more tomorrow, but thanks to everyone who sent me pictures of their beautiful faces! <3

(ps sorry for the crappy iphone pics)


Well … not even Mycroft Holmes can be good at everything. But Greg appreciates the effort, all the same!

A lovely commission drawn by deebzy!


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You should see him. He’s beautiful.

Commission for brokenlibrarygirl! This is a scene from her (adorable) fanfic What They’d Give Just for the Right to Hold You

I just wanted to draw them drunk and making out

I’m sorry I’m so bad at writing dialogue hasdfdfhlasdfkkaksdf


For my brother who’s a great big nerd

post-case kissin’

Commission for palmwaves and rashadp! an album cover for their single ‘Cold’. Give it a listen!

This was an interesting challenge and I had a lot of fun with it. Thanks for the commission!

Commission for jonnyluvssherlock! John and Sherlock sharing the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s kiss (plus Gladstone!) 

Thank you for the commission!

Commissions for a family friend of her two nieces with their favorite cartoon characters!