Anonymous asked: deebzy, you are realy cool and inspirational. i love you.

\(⊙ヮ⊙)/ thank u!!!

Anonymous asked: Are you really only 18

I turn 19 next week, actually ^^

A while ago someone asked for a coloring tutorial, so here’s my attempt at explaining my process!

PLEASE NOTE THOUGH this process is in no way the most efficient way to go about achieving lineless art. It’s something I made up out of an ongoing trial-and-error and I’m actually a bit stunted by it myself and am trying to find quicker and more intuitive ways of coloring. So even though I don’t actually recommend doing it this way, I thought it’d be cool to share?


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You should see him. He’s beautiful.

sketch commission for johnlockjitters!

palmwaves asked: you look like the little girl from game of thrones lol.

people tell me that a lot lol

no one tagged me but here i am

  • me: i am cute and innocent
  • me: *draws nsfw johnlock*
#im gonna  

sketch commission for marlonbookcase! consulting husbands on the case