Anonymous asked: Your artwork is literally perfection! Thank you for being absolutely perfect!!!!

I’m getting so many nice messages today what happened

Anonymous asked: You kinda look like young goober from Disney's Meet the Robinson's


quick Holmes and Watson before bed

tonight’s attempts at caricature featuring tumblr users¬†queenlisette,¬†slumberingdenizen, halflock, sleuthier, and joolabee! I’ll try to do some more tomorrow, but thanks to everyone who sent me pictures of their beautiful faces! <3

(ps sorry for the crappy iphone pics)

Anonymous asked: I listened to the fanmixes you made on 8tracks, they are actually pretty amazing, really enjoyed all of them!

aw thanks, I’m glad!

Anonymous asked: What hogwarts house are you in?

I’m a hufflepuff uwu

Anonymous asked: Yoooo do u ship mystrade??

i have nothing against it but johnlock is the only thing that i would like, go to war for

not like a petty shipping war, like an actual war. with tanks and stuff

Anonymous asked: after spending time with sherlock john rushes home to sleep with Mary with sherlocks voice still ringing in his ears and he mouths sherlocks name as he comes but

oh god it hurts tell me more

Anonymous asked: psst john thinks about sherlock in bed with Mary and when he opens his eyes and realizes sherlock isn't there and he's with mary he feels dirty and guilty

hell yeah hell yeah

inspired by this post