u should send me ur snapchat addresses so I can snap about how gay Sherlock is b/c I kno u would appreciate that

palmwaves asked: you look like the little girl from game of thrones lol.

people tell me that a lot lol

no one tagged me but here i am

  • me: i am cute and innocent
  • me: *draws nsfw johnlock*
#im gonna  

sketch commission for marlonbookcase! consulting husbands on the case

Commission for brokenlibrarygirl! This is a scene from her (adorable) fanfic What They’d Give Just for the Right to Hold You

Anonymous asked: imagine John going on dates with girls to the movies and Sherlock always hides from John at the back and spies on him and his date. And then one day John walks up to Sherlock before his next date and says "are you going to sneak after us again?" and Sherlock is so surprised because he thought he was stealthy

he’d be like

"shit shit shit shit shit"

razdrezrasoodock asked: Sherlock probably loves johns scar but wont tell him. Its because its a reminder of what brought him to baker street. And john hates sherlock bullet scar because he feels guilty like its his fault for having brought mary into their lives and in bed sherlock kisses johns scar in thanks and john kisses sherlocks scar as an apology

:’)    :’(

Anonymous asked: Do you ever find yourself thinking things like "does sherlock ever fart" all of a sudden

well now i will